Our Mission & Guiding Principles

“The child learns everything without knowing he or she is learning it, and in doing so passes little by little from the unconscious to conscious, treading in the paths of joy and love.”

~Maria Montessori

The mission of Philly Montessori is to bring out each child’s natural curiosity, joy for learning, and independence by adhering to these 4 guiding principles:

Authentic Montessori Classroom

Montessori environments nurture each child’s individual curiosity, self-motivation, and love of learning. Through hands on learning and individualized learning plans, Montessori classrooms not only lay strong foundations for academic readiness, but they also place a strong emphasis on emotional intelligence, leading to highly perceptive, empathetic and collaborative learners.  Philly Montessori is accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS), and as an accredited program, Philly Montessori holds these fundamental characteristics: specially trained Montessori certified teachers, self-correcting materials, a three-hour uninterrupted work cycle, mixed-age classrooms, and a carefully designed environment. Learn more about Montessori and our curriculum.


Our beautiful, one-classroom, micro-school mimics the very first Montessori school which was called, “Il Casa Dei Bambini”, and directly translates to, “the house for children”. By scaling down the size of our student body, our school will truly feel like a house that is created just for children. Students in a Philly Montessori classroom will have complete access to the entire campus- moving freely between a fully equipped Montessori classroom, an indoor gym, an urban garden, and an art studio. Our classroom teachers will also serve as school administrators, which will allow for them to more nimbly and aptly make programmatic decisions that respond to each unique group of students that they serve. By cutting out the traditional role of administrators, teachers and parents will have direct communication on a daily basis, leading to strong and trusting relationships. Throughout the year, parents will be welcomed into the classroom, to observe, participate, or even share their own hobbies or passions with our school community.

Connection to Nature

A sense of caring and responsibility for the world around us begins at the very youngest age, as children notice even the most subtle details of the world around them. Philly Montessori aims to be a low- or zero-waste classroom, and models care for the environment wherever possible—including engaging children to participate in our organic garden and composting efforts. Our snack menu changes with the seasons, and features local, organic ingredients year-round. We only use natural, non-toxic cleaners in the school.

Philly Montessori teachers foster each child’s natural sense of wonder by bringing nature into the classroom for children to work with, observe, and research. We believe that when a child has a positive connection to the natural world, they will grow up caring for and protecting the Earth. Philly Montessori children spend time outside daily. By taking time to explore our environment, we hope to cultivate a deep-rooted love for the world around us.

Community Collaboration

We believe that community-based businesses are essential to our city. Being a locally owned and operated program, we strive to build a natural bridge between our classroom and community. We see ourselves as a natural gathering place– a contributing member of the “village” that it takes to raise a child. Once a week on “parent helpers” days we invite parents into our classroom to join us in our daily activities, or to share an interest or talent with the children. We bring Philly into our school, introducing our children to local artists, musicians, chefs, and skilled professionals who can share their talents.

“Play is the work of childhood”
~ Maria Montessori